First Of All Hunger Facts Of 'developing' India-

1/3rd of the worldÂ’s hungry live in India.

836 million Indians survive on less than Rs. 20 (less than half-a-dollar) a day.

Over 20 crore Indians will sleep hungry tonight.

10 million people die every year of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases. Only eight percent are the victims of hunger caused by high-profile earthquakes, floods, droughts and wars.

India has 212 million undernourished people – only marginally below the 215 million estimated for 1990–92.

99% of the 1000 Adivasi households from 40 villages in the two states, who comprised the total sample, experienced chronic hunger (unable to get two square meals, or at least one square meal and one poor/partial meal, on even one day in the week prior to the survey). Almost as many (24.1 per cent) had lived in conditions of semi-starvation during the previous month.

Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.

Over 25 lakh Indians die of hunger every year.

Despite substantial improvement in health since independence and a growth rate of 8 percent in recent years, under-nutrition remains a silent emergency in India, with almost 50 percent of Indian children underweight and more than 70 percent of the women and children with serious nutritional deficiencies as anemia.

The 1998 – 99 Indian survey shows 57 percent of the children aged 0 – 3 years to be either severely or moderately stunted and/or underweight.

During 2006 – 2007, malnutrition contributed to seven million Indian children dying, nearly two million before the age of one.

30% of newborn are of low birth weight, 56% of married women are anaemic and 79% of children age 6-35 months are anaemic.

The number of hungry people in India is always more than the number of people below official poverty line (while around 37% of rural households were below the poverty line in 1993-94, 80% of households suffered under nutrition).

Now,According to a government-supported survey held in January,about 42% of children under five are underweight almost double that of sub-saharan Africa-compared to 43% five years ago...
the static which means that about 3,000 children are dying daily due to illness related to poor diets!!
A UNICEF reports says that India contributes to 25% of the world's child death...dying future.

We are developing but it is really hard for me to figure in what sense we are developing..increasing rapes,murders,corruption,undernutrition etc etc.
Somewhere i read that we are the fastest developing economy increasing the annual per capita income from $96 to $489 between the year 1990 and 2005,becoming Asia'a third largest.

And there is one more repot i found the Hunger and Malnutrition Survey(abbreviated as HUNGaMA)here's the link for the report-
(If you find the report too lengthy for you..then simply look at the statistics.)
IT will describe you the actual development of 'incredible' India.The statistics of HUNGaMA raises a question on our development ...kisi ne sahi hi kaha hai,'Ameer aur ameer ho rahe hai aur  gareeb aur gareeb'.
There are people who can give thousand or lakhs of money as Dakshina or seva to some fake baba  but not even a 10 rupee note for a poor and hungry people.

The Incredible India which is known in the world,a land with various culture,traditions and also the land with various scams,corrupt political leaders.
CULTURE AND TRADITION... is this what we mean with culture? or is this what we mean by tradition?
All these things are shameful and shows the inhumanity developing in the developing India.

There are various schemes to help such people..but most of them are 'governmental'.And when there are so many 'hungry' people present in the system then how can those needy people can  benefits from such schemes.