Human trafficking is an another blotch on our country.Human Trafficking is the transportation of of human against their will,forcefully,to different states and countries for the purpose of exploitation,which includes exploiting the prostitution of others,sexual exploitation,forced labor,slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

The purpose of human trafficking is very clear and so are the factors responsible for it.
There are innumerable factors responsible for human trafficking,but among all factors are  unemployment,hunger and poverty.We have already seen the picture regarding hunger and poverty in our country.The total number of people below the poverty line is 35.46 crore,which unfortunately serves as main targets for human traffickers.Such families are often the targets of smugglers all they have to do is an assurance of good job for their(poor families) sons and daughters,of course which is a trap and as soon as they are handed over to these smugglers,in mere few day these boys and girls were sold to different peoples in different states.
The boys are either sold to work as house hold helpers or to some small scale factories where they work with no wages where as girls are sold to brothels where they were forced into prostitution.
Unemployed people are next main targets of smugglers,the trap is the same,a good job.They were guaranteed with a job.They were told to go to various places,on the name of interviews,in this way they themselves are taken away into the clutches of these traffickers 

In 2009,in a conference on human trafficking,Ashwani Kumar,director of CBI during that time,provided the shocking data that more than 1.2 million children in India are caught up in trafficking as child prostitute and added,making the picture worse,that as many as 100 million people in India are involved in trafficking related activities.
According to a 2006 report of Save The Children India,child sex slaves is increasing because of the male clients,who only prefer 10- to 12- year old girls.

In 2011,862 cases of trafficking were reportedin comparison to 679 in 2010-which is an increase of 27%.

"Out of 325 children rescued by us in 2011,162 were working as domestic helpers;an agent earns between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 for selling a girl to a brothel,while he can get a commission of at least Rs 20,000 is he sells her to a house hold"-Ravi Kant,the pesident of  Shakti Vahini.

The network of human trafficking is very big,one can easily interpret this from a look at these headlines...
Jan,21,New Delhi-Police arrested 4,involving in human trafficking.
A case in which  105 passport found at IGI Airport in an unclaimed baggage.
May,8,New Delhi-six were arrested accused of human trafficking,two are women among those arrested

May,23,Meerut-Human trafficking racket busted,35 women and kids rescued by police.
35 women including minors who were trafficked into city from Nepal and Rajasthan.
May,30,Chennai-Human Trafficking racket busted.
Women from Kerala were taken to Singapore and forced to prostitution.

Jun,4,New Delhi-Human trafficking network smashed by Delhi police after rescuing a minor girl and arresting of a 32 year old women. 

Jun,26,New Delhi-Four placement agencies were found involved in human trafficking.
Names of these agencies were Babita Enterprises,India Maid Bureau,Deepika Placement Agency  and Mission Welfare Society.They are involved in the trafficking of minor girls from Assam, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. 

And many more cases...

Yes,there are laws to prevent it but if these were enough powerful then there won't be so many cases of human trafficking and i might not be writing this post...but the reality is they are not powerful enough to control it.In India,ITPA has made commercial sex illegal but the act failed to address the causes which leads to such victimization.

Various NGOs like Shakti Vahini were doing a great job to curb this social evil.


  1. Scary statistics and it is the biggest crime in the world. I wish we have more NGOS like the ones you mentioned.

  2. Yes I agree . The statistics are scary . Hope this horrible crime gets curbed with time !