"If current trends continue ,250 million children alive today will be killed by tobacco"-W.H.O

As i started my search regarding the drug abuse or substance abuse(in general) among the children, i was shocked by the numbers or percentages i found.Drug abuse is one serious and big problem in our society.There are various forms of addiction,which we can't even imagine about.
And more horrifying fact is this that a large percentage is of youngsters and children..

*About 63.6% of the total patients,coming in for treatment were introduced to drugs at a young age,below 15 years.

*13.1% of the people involved in drug and substance abuse are below 20 years.

*Of all alcohol,cannabis and opium users 21%,3% and 0.1% are below the age of 18.

*In another survey,out of 18 million street children in India,about 90% indulge in Drug Abuse,75% of which do it to fight hunger.

*In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into tobacco addiction which way larger compared to 3,000 a day new child smokers in US.

Tobacco Control squad conducted  a study in Kochi,in which it was found that near 90% of the schools in the city ,there were small shops where kids can get tobacco easily.The study found that more than 40% of the student population are using alcohol.

In Mumbai,similar condition were found when National Anti Doping Agency(NADA) conducted a dope test on the children who participate in wrestling during National school games.The authorities were shocked to see the report shows that school children of Mumbai are more keen in taking drugs than seniors.

There are various forms of intoxication other than tobacco,alcohol used by childrens which includes sniffing petrol,drinking too much cough syrups,inhaling whitener,pain releif ointments,licking glue,paint,gasoline,wet carbon paper,mixture of fibre matting and boiling toothpaste.These are some substances abused by children.

The most common and cheap source of addiction popular is  'Whitener',which is an stationary product.Mixing the whitener with it's diluter and  inhaling it produces the same 'high' effect similar to other drugs.The reason is that primary contents of it are alcohol.
Since whiteners are easily available in shops they are excessively used by children.
In a study conducted by Chetna in 2009,it was found  that the sales of whitener among street children and other children is in between Rs 24 lakh to Rs 67 lakh per day in New Delhi....shocking but true.

Coming to the harmful effects cause by this 15ml bottles of whitener,they cause a  serious brain damage which may result in blindness,tuberculosis and instant death.Whitener exerts its effect through trichloroethane.It also includes other substances such as petrol and toluene.
Serious adverse behavioural effects are often associated with toluene abuse related to the deliberate inhalation of solvents.Long term toluene exposure is often associated with effects such as: psychoorganic syndrome; visual evoked potential (VEP) abnormality; toxic polyneuropathy, cerebellar, cognitive, and pyramidal dysfunctions;optic atrophy; and brain lesions.

On investigating about the various reasons which force these children and youngsters towards drugs it was found that majority of street children are provided or being told by some other elder who is in already in  such practise from a long time.
Next,they find it cheap to purchse a 30rs whitener which can be used for days than to buy food just for one time.
This is the reality of developing India,these children are forced to use these drugs just to surpass their hunger.This is another effect of poor storage facility of grains and lack of adequate actions to provide food for poor families at low costs.Yes..there were various government outlets/Rashan shops which provide rice and grains at low cost on their Rashan Cards but again the corruption in India,the food which should be distributed among the people goes directly in to the stores of the corrupt workers and people who actually need them  goes back empty handed.
In a previous post,we have already seen that many young children die before the age of 5 due to malnutrition.It is not hard realize that whatever evils exist in our society are interconnected with each other.

On the other hand,when it comes to the reason which force educated youngsters towards these drugs then peer pressure,boredom,academic and parental pressure,lack of emotional support are some of the common reasons.
One most interesting excuse which is given by some 'noble and educated' youngsters is that drugs makes them feel like a man.
Simply pathetic and pityful thinking,i just don't understand what definition do we have of a man or when it comes to be a man.
A man isn't just about a toned,well build body or the who can fights on every pity issue to show his strength....neither just having a heavy voice nor the feeling you get after smoking/drinking/other drugs.These have nothing to do with being a man.

The main reason are lack of moral values and lost principles, today if a father smokes or drink then it is likely to have that his son is also involves in the same practice...excuse-if dad can do why can't I.
The availability of tobbaco and other drugs in the market are not the reasons...the reason lies in WHAT FORCES THEM TO MOVE TO SUCH THINGS?

Three kinds of addicts exist in our India:-
1.who are forced to do so beacuse of their hunger and poverty/introduced to drugs by some other individual comprises mainly of street children and school going children.
2.who pushed themselves to intoxication to overcome their tension or any other pressure which comprises mainly of educated youngsters.
3.who drug themselves just to feel like a man comprises of youngsters lacking moral values,having a wrong understanding of being a man. 

After several petitions on the issue filled by Chetna and other NGO's the National Panel  has finally decided to study drug abuse among children.

And i don't think that the generation gap between youngsters and their parents can't be bridged.Efforts from parents should be made to be more friendly and open with their kids before it is too late.

I would like to talk about myself,there comes a time in my life during which i start to smoke to surpass my all tension and grief i am going through.I started with 1 a day and with time my per day neccesity rises.
Once sitting in library,not taking my 'dose' from the morning i realise that i am just not able to concentrate on my book.Other effects i observe like a heavy feeling in throat.
After it i decided not to smoke be whatever be the tension i will go through.We think that it is helping us in getting rid of our problems but reality is it kills the ability to think if it is abused.
All drugs are harmful if you become an addict to it.

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