The protest at India Gate is gaining momentum with time,despite the various efforts made by the police to the protestors. Although 7 metro stations have been closed,people from different places are reaching India Gate.
The picture is clear this time we won't stop,we want strict laws against such crimes.
Today is the second day of the protest,student from different colleges,people from different  places gathering for one cause.Where people from have managed to come at India gate despite the restriction imposed.President of India don't have time to come outside and listen to our voice.

The people are not lead by any political party or leader.They came on their own,for the justice and a safe place where women can live freely..


 Despite being a democratic country,where we have the right to express and protest peacefully,Police lathi charged on protestors,they don't even left girls.This is the democratic country in which we live.

Instead of the ongoing protest in Delhi...new rapes and molestation cases are coming to light.
This indicates that such people don't fear the current law anymore.
A maximum of  7 year imprisonment is the punishment according to current law.
The laws need to be redefined now.