Two weeks ago,while reading the newspaper a headline caught my eyes.A baby girl was found in sewers,Ghaziabad.The place wasn't too far from my place where the baby was found,Police suspects that the girl belong to a rich family since the cloth in which she was covered was very expensive.The news drifted my thoughts to a similar incidence happened in my locality last month,i baby girl was found in temple.
It seems that despite Aamir's  effort to reduce female foeticide/infanticide,some peoples are still insensitive..such cases are still in news from all around the country.Yes,there is a change,now they don't kill they dump them like garbages...pathetic
Both the two girls were later sent to Mathura,in a child care home.
According to 2011 census and other national statistics 7,00,000 girls are missing at birth after determining their sex.
According to an another report 10 million foetuses  have been aborted in India with in past two decades.

The Directorate of Health Services,in Mumbai provides a much more scary statistics that since  2009,around 2.46 lakhs abortions have been done only in Mumbai.In much more detail
from year 2009-2010 about 39,222
year 2010-2011 about 95,332
year 2011-2012(until March) about 1.11 lakh abortion have been done in Mumbai.
The problem,we all know,is thinking.The desire to have a male a child is the only reason.Why a male child?The reasons are as narrow as their minds.The show Satyamev Jayate has already proved the thing that this 'tradition' exist mostly among the respected educated class of the society.
It is a harsh reality that we live among such peoples,in a country where parents can easily kill their innocent new born because it was 'she'. 



  1. Ah!...Heart breaking pictures!!....We live in such a cruel world :/

  2. Pathetic, I am very lucky to be married in a family who wish for girl child. My heart cries seeing such images.

    1. It happens everyday in India..cases have been found where foetuses were fed to dogs.