Dayan Pratha:Exploitation Of Women And Humanity

24th June 2012- Villagers in the eastern India killed a man and his two teenaged sons,accusing them of practising witchcraft.

24th June 2012- A 70 year old woman killed after accusing her practising witchcraft.

And many more cases of witchcraft like these where innocent men and women were exploited physically,mentally,sexually...accusing them of practising witchcraft....

Mostly this happens with women,women who are poor,helpless,widowed or live alone.Violence against women in this case can escalate into serious actions that can lead to a woman’s death.
Women not only mercilessly between up by the people but also were forced to parade naked and to eat excreta.

In Jharkhand,between 2001 and 2008 about 452 women were killed.In Assam more than 500 people have been killed  and 116 official cases has been registered from 2001 to 2oo8.

“Over the last fifteen years, an estimated 2,500 Indian women have been killed because they were ‘witches’.”
- Rebecca Vernon, Editor, Cornell University International Law Journal

It is not the story of Jharkhand or Assam such superstition exist in every part of India which are still backward and having a low literacy rate.
Backwardness and low literacy rate are the main reasons for the existence of such superstition.If an animal or a person dies then it becomes a trigger for condemning some poor or a widow woman as 'Dayan'.
Most of the times it becomes an excuse to set some previous scores,or to grab the property of a woman and if she denied then she was labelled as a witch...even if she denied for illegal relations,after her husbands death,with her male neighbors then she was labelled as a witch by those neighbors and condemn her to a non-ending series of humiliations and tortures. 

Truth is such superstitions still exist in our Modern India...and the  reason for their existence is illiteracy.Until and unless the light of education doesn't reach each and every part  of the country such superstition will continue to prevail the country.