Guwahati Molestation Case-Wasn't The First time and Not The Only One.

The Recent incidence of molesting a girl on busy streets of Guwahati create an outrage all over the country,it have got attention from all across the country due to an active support of the media and various NGO's but  you will be shocked to know that it wasn't the first time that a girl/women has been molested in public by mob.There were many previous cases where a girl/women is being harassed publicly by mob....and that even in broad daylight.

This video is from Bihar,Patna,where a women is harassed by mob in daylight.

Here is another case where a  17 year old girl is forced to parade naked in public in daylight...and shame on the media guy who instead of helping her record the whole video.

The case of Bangalore..the girl is molested by auto-driver on a busy road in bangalore. 

This incidence happen on the New year eve(31st dec. 2011) in Gurgaon-mehroli raod.Some drunk bastards try to take the advantage of the crowd and molest her.Luckily,the police officials was present there who save the girl.

And there are many more cases like this,who can find them on net.

Point is.... a woman who give birth to a new life,who must be respected in our society ...lives her life in fear.Fear of being beaten by her husband or in laws,fear of being got harassed in public.
This is the status and respect for the females in our modern India.