Fake Sadhu Mahatma And True Beliefs of People(Devotee)

India is a nation where different cultures,religion live together.People with different faiths,beliefs.
And to my knowledge,faith and trust are among the basic pillars of a relation...whether a relation between two love birds,husband-wife,brother-sister or...between a devotee and his God.

According to Hindu mythology,we Hindus have 33 crore Gods and Goddesses...( describing more clearly there are 33 crore ways to describing The One god.)
 As this verse of Rigveda indicates-
its literal meaning is--

Now coming back, there are also various Gurus and Sadhu Babas whom teachings we follow and worship them like real Gods.
Now… what if that Baba whom we treat as God turns out to be a fraud, murderer or a rapist.
Sacrifice(Murders) done by such sadhus and babas on the name of God are common in newspapers and various crime shows such as Crime Patrol.

To best of my knowledge,I don’t think and don’t even believe that sacrificing someone’s life made our Gods happy since everyone has born from that almighty…we are his(her) children and a death of a child can never make his father or mother happy.All such things are nothing but ridiculous superstitions.There is a big difference between faith and superstition.
Next,there comes the babas who need money for their “kripa”.They openly infront of their devotee ask for money…ridiculous.

Truly speaking, faith and religion for such babas are nothing more than a source of filling their pockets with money.It’s all business for them.At one hand they preach and teach people about various ethics…”YEH SAB MOH MAYA HAI” and on other hand they indirectly ask for funds and donations of lakhs and crores.

In Mahabharata, Lord  Krishna don’t ask for anything in return for helping Arjun in war.

It is funny to see that at one hand you are not only giving money to them but also treating them like God and serve them like servants.
And filling their pockets with your money they buy all their luxury.

The reason for all this that Indians can be fooled easily on the name of God and religion.

People should understand this thing that God don’t need any donations and sacrifice.
If you want to give something then give your true prayers and have faith in him.If you want to sacrifice something then sacrifice your anger,hatred and all bad karmas.
If you want to actually learn something then learn from Vedas and Upanishads.They are the only source of true knowledge if you want some.
and there are many more available on internet  for  free.

In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna had said that happiness and sorrow are part of human life and everyone who has born have to go through this cycle.(People should understand this very simple logic)

Instead of donating  lakhs and crores to some fake babas ..donate that amount to poor people (or some organization who work for the welfare of such people); OR you can just use that money to your personal use…you can even pay your tax with that money which later is used for the welfare of our nation.
In simple words, don’t waste your money since you have earned it working daily at your workplace…sometimes even doing  overtimes.

These fake sadhus and babas not only play with our faith and religious beliefs  but sometimes they don’t hesitate in committing some serious crimes.

Shamefull…and people realize this only when such babas are exposed…before that they all praise such babas  in single voice.
They are many more news related to rape and  molestations  of women done by such babas but due to their influence their crimes are never been proved.

If you want to search the God then search him Inside yourself…you will definitely find him.